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Leica B-Probe

The Leica B-Probe interfaces with the Leica AT402 laser tracker to provide a cost-effective 6 Degree of Freedom “walk around” armless wireless probing system. The B-probe allows measurement of hard-to-reach points for parts up to 20meters in length and is ideal for the railway, truck and marine industries or where measurement of medium to large size objects is required.



  • Smaller, lighter and more convenient than comparable solutions makes it easy to handle

  • No loss in accuracy at different distances as experienced with alternative systems.

  • Large armless operation measurement volume of up to 20 m, reducing inspections time by min. 50%

  • Battery-powered for wireless operation and increased productivity

  • PowerLock makes B Probe easy: For the first time in the history of laser trackers, the laser beam moves to the user, not the other way around.

  • Extended battery life gives >5 hours operation without battery change.

  • Wide range of stylus available to allow access to hard to measure points.

  • Visual feedback guide lights to help the measuring process.

  • Insensitive to environmental light

  • Accuracy Uxyz = +- 0.2 mm over full range



Leica B-Probe                                                   Leica B-Probe with T-Probe


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