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survey + 


Survey+ inertial navigation systems from Oxford Technical Solutions combine the best of GNSS positioning technology with high-grade gyros and accelerometers to deliver superior performance in a single enclosure.

Experts in GNSS and inertial technology

Advanced algorithms in the Survey+ seamlessly blend the inertial and GNSS data to provide a smooth, real-time 3D navigation solution, even when satellite signals are blocked or disturbed. For ground based applications, a wheel speed odometer can be used to reduce the drift even further.

One box, turnkey solution

Combining GNSS receivers, an inertial measurement unit, internal storage and a real-time on-board processor all in one compact box, the Survey+ delivers everything you need for a complete navigation solution. All cables and antennas are included, and the Survey+ comes with an extensive software suite so you can post-process and plot your data at no additional cost.

Simple, adaptable, manageable

The Survey+ is easy to install and configure, with simple wizards to speed up the process. It can seamlessly integrate with external sensors such as LIDAR scanners and hyperspectral cameras to provide accurate roll, pitch, and position data for direct georeferencing. All of the components are ITAR free for maximum flexibility when operating in multiple countries.

Improved accuracy with advanced processing

A high raw GNSS data rate coupled with processing forwards and backwards in time means post-processed Survey+ data can achieve highest level accuracy. Our custom gx/ix processing engine can further improve performance with single satellite aiding algorithms for position updates even with less than 4 satellites in view. The optional gxRTK feature allows users to download a RINEX file post-mission and process their data with 2 cm accuracy



PositioningGPS L1, L2;GLONASS L1, L2 (with supported systems) SBAS

Position accuracy (CEP) 1.5 m SPS 0.6 m SBAS 0.4 m DGPS 0.02 m RTK

Velocity accuracy (RMS) 0.05 km/h

Heave accuracy2 (1 sigma­) 10 cm or 5%

Roll and pitch accuracy (1 sigma­) 0.03°

Heading accuracy (1 sigma­)0.1° (single antenna) 0.05° (dual antenna)

Output rate 100 or 250 Hz

Calculation latency 3.5 ms