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Best performance, dual antenna, GNSS+inertial system, technology ideal for robust georeferencing from the air or on land.


Great performance, great value

The integrated RTK enabled GNSS receivers and survey-grade MEMS IMU ensure the Survey+ delivers exceptional performance in all conditions. With all the interfaces needed to synchronise all your external sensors and even a comprehensive software suite included, you get everything you need at a cost-effective price.

Survey made simple

Installation and configuration is made easy with simple software wizards to speed up the process. For permanent installations, install, optimise once, and collect your data with confidence, letting you focus completely on the task at hand.

Seamless integration

Interface external sensors such as LiDAR scanners and hyperspectral cameras to provide accurate time position and orientation data for direct georeferencing. The included software suite gives you the tools you need at each step of the process to configure the INS to output synchronisation and accept input triggers correctly, allowing you to configure once and move on.

Maximising performance with gx/ix™

Land based mobile mapping faces issues of limited GNSS in urban canyons, under tree cover, and face obstructions with bridges and tunnels. gx/ix technologies in the Survey+ help maintain the best possible performance in all environments. Minimise position drift during outages with combined forwards/backwards processing in our post-processing application NAVsolve. Add an odometer on land vehicles for reliable velocity updates in spite of GNSS conditions to help when stationary or slow moving. gx/ix processing engine can further improve performance with single satellite aiding algorithms for position updates even with less than 4 satellites in view. Survey+ devices also use our inertial relock feature to regain RTK/PPK lock quicker after an outage

Fit to your needs

The Survey+ series has a range of options and upgrades for you to customise based on your application and budget requirements. The entry level Survey+ L1 provides a low-cost option when sub-metre positioning is sufficient, or the Survey+ is available with dual frequency RTK for centimetre-level accuracy. GLONASS support, dual antenna, increased 250 Hz output rate, and gx/ix RTK post-processing are available to suit your requirements.


Parameter Survey+
Positioning GPS L1, L2 & GLONASS L1, L2
BeiDou L1, L2 (option)
Position accuracy 1.5 m SPS
0.6 m SBAS
0.4 m DGPS
0.1 m PPP
0.01 m RTK
Velocity accuracy 0.05 km/h
Roll and pitch accuracy 0.03 °
Heading accuracy 0.05 °
Operating temperature -10°C to 50°C
Vibration 0.1 g²/Hz, 5–500 Hz