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Leica Tscan 

Leica T-scan

The Leica T-Scan is more than just a line scanner. Its Flying Dot technology makes it an automated scanning solution. The adjustment of the laser power to obtain the best measurement result of a specific surface type is completely autonomous. This ensures the best possible results – independent form the operator.

The Leica T-Scan adapts the laser intensity to shiny metallic or dark surfaces. They can even be captured in one scan pass! Powdering is not required and the technology is impervious to changing environmental light – which reduces preparation time to the absolute minimum.

No photogrammetric targets are required after the tracker relocation. Save time and do not compromise on accuracy.

Leica T-Scan scans large objects more accurately and 50 percent faster than comparable products.


Leica T-scan

Leica T-scan Automated Inspection

Technical Specifications

Leica T-Scan   AT 901-MR     AT 901-LR
Measurement volume      
Maximal volume (Ø)   18 m    30 m 
    (59 ft)    (98 ft)
Horizontal    360°   
Vertical     ± 45°  
Acceptance angle      
(Freedom to rotate)      
Pitch angle     ± 45°  
Jaw angle    ± 45°  
Roll angle    360°, unlimited  
Measuring and      
tracking performance      
Tracking speed all directions     > 1 m/s   
Acceleration all directions     1g  
Leica T-Scan sensor      
Measuring depth     78 mm  
Mean scan width     90 mm  
Mean measuring distance     86 mm  
Line frequency     up to 140 lines/second  
Measurement sampling rate      20,000 points per second  
Point density    0.07 mm – 0.98 mm  
Accuracy     ±20 µm   
Laser Safety    class 2  
Working temperature     +16°C to +24°C  
Storage temperature     -10°C to +60°C  
Relative humidity     10 – 90% non-condensing  
Leica T-Scan     1,200 g  




Measurement volume of up to 30 m (98 ft)

Measure large object without repositioning laser tracker

 Optimized laser optics

Better data quality: Higher performance on dark 

or shiny surfaces. Up to 20% less noise than
before. More materials can be scanned without

 Doubled data rate

Time savings: Scan large surfaces in half the 

time compared to the previous Leica T-Scan

 Minimal point distance cut in half

Increased accuracy: Sheet metal features and 

contours can be digitised more precisely.

Enhanced operator feedback with new
intuitive LED pattern

Accurate information about optimal scanning

Improved ergonomics with optimized handle design and reduced weight

 Leica T-Scan is the most comfortable-to-workwith hand-held laser scanner in the industry

6DOF Dynamic Lock-On

No more waiting for the tracker to “lock on” – 

AIFM can instantly re-establish a broken laser