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Scanning Probe 

Scanning Probe

For Leica T-Probe users, a highly economic and cost-efficient scanning solution for the measurement of large volume objects is available with the new PROBEscanner from Steinbichler.

The conceptual design of the line scanner with integrated controller includes intelligent features and ensures an especially efficient measurement procedure. Thus, the PROBEscanner represents a powerful system extension by combining both economic and technical advantages.

Due to the large measurement volume and the possibility to capture detail scans at different locations of large parts without repositioning the laser tracker, the scanning proces becomes extremely comfortable and time-saving. Even on areas where physical access is limited, the data acquisition is easily possible owing to the large stand-off distance of the sensor.

The scanner features a high scanning rate; thus, the sensor can be moved very fast along the object while capturing the geometry in high detail and ensuring a time-saving procedure.

The PROBEscanner can be quickly and easily adapted due to the plug-and-play T-Probe interface - within only a few minutes, the T-Probe system can be extended to a real scanning solution.

With a unique rotation adapter (patent pending by Leica Geosystems), the scan line can be rotated by +/- 60 degrees while the T-Probe is facing the tracker. Thus, all feature details can be conveniently captured from one set-up.

The accompanying PROBEscan software has been derived from the T-Scan Collect software and offers a nearly identical functional range.



  • Line scanner with integrated controller unit
  • Most cost-efficient large volume scanning solution
  • Large measurement volume (up to 30m)
  • Scan details at different locations of large parts without repositioning laser tracker
  • Large stand-off distance
  • Collect data even in areas where physical access is limited
  • High scanning rate
  • Save time by moving the Probe-scanner very fast along objects while capturing the geometry in high detail
  • Plug and play Leica T-Probe interface
  • Within minutes you add a scanning solution to your existing Leica T-Probe system
  • Unique rotation adapter (by Leica Geosystems patent pending)
  • While the Leica T-Probe is facing the Leica Absolute Tracker, the rotation adapter allows to rotate the scan line by +/- 60 degrees to conveniently capture all feature details from one set-up.


Scanning Probe