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Fuel Flow system

Corrsys Datron Fuel Flow sensors

Corrsys Datron DFL Fuel Flow Meters are especially designed for mobile vehicle instrumentation, including both passenger car and heavy truck applications. These easy-to-use systems install directly into the vehicle fuel system via quick-couplings. Sensor position has no influence on measurement accuracy.

The DFL-3X Fuel Flow Meter utilizes a new quick-mount system and features a built-in heat exchanger for maximum accuracy. The heat exchanger can be switched in or out of the system on demand. The DFL-3X System is capable of measuring flow rates of up to 150 ltr/hr.

All DFL systems utilize a precise four-piston counter connected to a single shared crankshaft. Non-contact Hall sensors convert the rotation of the crankshaft into pulse signals, which provide fuel consumption data. Systems are also available with application-specific heat exchangers to ensure maximum accuracy in diesel and common-rail injection systems:

DFL Fuel Consumption System Line
• Commercial or passenger vehicles
• Diesel
gasoline, bio, and alcohol based fuels
• Fuel-injected or traditional carbureted fuel delivery systems


DFL1x-5bar: Fuel flow Sensor  
The device DFL1x-5bar has the DFL transducer in its housing. The small device suits installation in vehicles with only one feed line to the engine with no return line to the tank.

DFL-WTx-5bar: External Heat exchanger for DFL1x-5bar

The external device DFL-WTx-5bar is the heat exchanger unit to be
used together with the sensor DFL1x-5bar. In combination both devices support the range of applications, for which the DFL3x-5bar has been utilised for.

DFL3x-5bar: Integrated Sensor & Heat Exchanger

The device DFL3x-5bar incorporates the DFL transducer, the heat exchange unit and the pressure regulator. Thus the DFL3x-5bar suits installation in vehicles with feed line to the engine and return line to the tank.

Fuel Flow display

Stand Alone Display

For speed sensors with digital pulse output and for DFL Fuel Flow Measurement Systems.