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Radar Speed sensor: DRS1000

The Delta DRS1000 Non-contact Speed Sensor is a Doppler radar sensor suitable for a wide variety of speed measurement applications.

The sensor may be placed on a moving vehicle to measure vehicle ground speed. It my also be mounted in a stationary position to measure the speed of a moving object which can be anything from a thin wire passing under the sensor to a vehicle 300 meters away. The output of the sensor is a pulse with a frequency proportional to the measured speed. The cumulative number of pulses may be used to determine distance traveled or the length of a moving surface.

The speed sensor may be used with many different types of off-the-shelf hardware such as timer/counters or digital tachometers. Or, it can be integrated into electronic control or data acquisition systems.



Technical Specifications


  • 0 to 5 V square wave, differential or single ended
  • 62.1 pulses per second for every kilometer per hour of speed measured (100 pulses per second for every mph of speed measured)

Speed Measurement Range
  • 0.8 to 480 kilometers per hour
  • 0.5 to 300 miles per hour

Power Supply
  • 10.5 to 16.5 VDC, 2.4 W
Maximum Target Distance

Target Distance Graph

Maximum target distance is determined by the size and shape of the target.  The sensor can see an average size car at about 300 meters (1,000 feet).


Total Unadjusted Error: ±0.34% at 1mph*
* Error increased 0.0023% for every 1 mph increase in speed.  For example, at 2 mph, the error increases to ±0.3423%.  At 60 mph, the accuracy is ±0.48%.  Overall accuracy of the speed measurement is also influenced by external factors which may include sensor alignment, vibration, etc.

Microwave Characteristics
  • Frequency: Ka Band - 35.5 ±0.1 GHz
  • Beam Divergence Angle: 6° from center
  • Average RF Power: 0.02 W maximum
  • Effective Radiated Power: 0.98 W

Note: The sensor's transmitted signal is regulated under FCC regulations Part 90, subpart F. Please contact GMH Engineering for registration details.

Sensor Response Time
  • Update Period: 0.01 seconds
  • Locking Latency: 0.02 seconds
  • Unlocking Latency: 0.05 seconds
  • Sensor Time Constant: 0.025 seconds
Temperature Range
  • -17 to 60° C
  • 0 to 140° F
  • Weather resistant
  • 230 grams (0.5 pounds)
Sensor's Dimensions

Delta DRS1000 Non-contact Speed Sensor's dimensions.