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Leica Absolute AT960 

The AT960 Leica Absolute Tracker is the 6th generation of trackers spanning 17 years. It delivers accuracies of up to 0.02mm and with its Absolute Interferometer (AIFM) technology it is now capable of on the fly detection. There are different models to fit a variety of applications.

The Leica AT960 is the only tracker which is capable of 6DOF measurement using a wireless probe (T-Probe) and Flying Dot Laser Scanner (T-scan). The Leica T-Mac can also be used for Robotic applications such as robot calibration and high precision assembly.  




Feature Benefit
PowerLock For the first time in the history of laser trackers, the laser beam moves to the user, not the other way around.
The AIFM or “Absolute Interferometer” combines the absolute measurement from the ADM with the almost instantaneous update rate of the interferometer to produce the most accurate, stable, technologically mature distancing unit ever created. Waiting for the tracker to “lock-on” is now a thing of the past. Simply catch the beam and you are measuring again without delay. No matter if you are using a reflector, Leica T-Probe, Leica T-Scan or Leica T-Mac, the AIFM can instantly re-establish a broken laser beam and immediately start measuring the moving target.
Robust construction and superior thermal stability with homogenous internal design and non-heat emitting tracker sensor head Continuous on-spec operation in tough industrial environments with no need for frequent compensation routines; a yearly calibration is all your Leica Absolute Tracker AT960 will ever need
6 Degrees of Freedom (6DOF) Portable CMM available as an option The world’s only technologically mature PCMM system that can probe like a fixed CMM, scan like a laser scanner and track automated applications − all in one system
Lean construction and compact dimensions, weighing 14 kg and 477 mm in length Easy one-person transportation and installation, in full compliance with labor department regulations; whole system fits in an average carry on flight case
ADM/IFM with small beam diameter Use of 0.5” reflectors over full measurement range



Versatile Mounting


Mounts vertically and horizontally providing versatility in measurement volume.* **

*   Typical results within specifications.
**  Can not be used with the T-Cam in the horizontal position. 

Orient to Gravity

For leveling, allows Z-axis to align to gravity

Battery Operated

Now battery powered this Laser Tracker allows a quick and easy cable-free setup in almost any location. Batteries are hot swappable, they can be exchanged while the instrument is in operation. 



Leica Absolute Tracker AT900 type




Absolute Interferometer




Typical measurement volume




Compatible with T-Products




Max. measurement volume with T-Products




Leica Absolute Tracker AT930
If your application requires positioning machines, fixtures or jigs, or if you are in the business of installing and aligning machine tools, roll mills, presses or gantry based machines, the Leica AT930 is your tracker. Operating solely with a reflector, it is optimized for inspections within a typical measurement volume of up to 120 m (394ft), and comes standard with our Leica Absolute Interferometer and PowerLock technologies.

Leica Absolute Tracker AT960-Mid Range
Since the introduction of the Leica T-Products in 2004, practically all leading automobile manufacturers have joined the ranks of our customers. When a reflector simply won’t cut it because there is no clear line of sight to the part you are trying to inspect, the part is hidden or sunken deep beneath surrounding sheet metal, or because you need to reverse-engineer a part right there on the spot, the Leica AT960-MR is all you will need. When coupled to the Leica T-Scan, T-Probe, or T-Mac the Leica AT960-MR gives you a measurement volume of up to 20m (66ft). Of course, it can also be used with a standard corner cube, in which case its measurement volume goes up to a full 40m (131ft). The sensor is designed for large vehicle size objects and of course comes standard Leica's Absolute Interferometer and PowerLock technologies.

Leica Absolute Tracker AT960-Long Range
This is the laser tracker that set the new benchmark for aerospace and other large scale precision measurements such as windmill blade inspection or industrial machinery alignment. It gives you hand-held wireless probing (Leica T-Probe), hand-held contactless scanning (Leica T-Scan), and full machine control abilities (Leica T-Mac) in a volume of up to 40 m (131ft). Of course, it can also be used with a standard corner cube, in which case its typical measurement volume goes past 120m (394ft). This is the laser tracker that set new standards for usability with the Leica Absolute Interferometer and PowerLock, and continues to be the best selling 6DOF laser tracker in the world.